Research Report – Content re-use

Unlocking the vast potential of existing research reports to provide focused research, offers clients with highly needed precise information. Without PreciseSearch a researcher is inundated with irrelevant search result sets and with “information overload” to sift through. Having up to date company profiles and press releases, industry information and news that references such companies, provides the supporting facts for such research.  Coagmentum products and tools provide the ability to collect and maintain the supporting reference data and empower researchers to unlock the potential of existing content.

An integrated implementation of the “Precise” products and tools for content re-use is shown in the picture above.


Entity Management and Golden Copy generation

Accurate entity management and reference data (Golden copies) are the enablers for “Know Your Customer” (KYC), “Straight Through Processing” (STP) and a slew of mission critical application. Such applications get their data from diverse number of external data providers and internal systems. As standards are rare even in a highly established industry as the financial one, having the ability to link different sources of data that address a specific entity with authority is key.  Coagmentum products and tools provide entity management and reference data “Golden Copy” creation and maintenance that allows the creation of consistent and comprehensive product offerings.

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