Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: We have licensed C2IME product and tools are these still supported?

A: The C2IME products and tools are supported as per your license agreement. The new “Precise” products and tools suite are backward compatible to the C2IME product set.

Q: We need a simple CMS to manage and re-use our content, what “Precise” products and tools are needed to be licensed?

A: You need the PreciseTag and the PreciseSearch to load and tag the content using your Taxonomy, Thesauri and reference data. You need the PreciseSearch to be able to search through existing content to retrieve pertinent information to re-use in new content.

Q: We collect data from different sources, but our master has a lot of duplicates, what tools do we need to detect and remove duplicates and insure no new duplicates are generated?

A: Coagmentum PreciseMapper provides the “House-Holding” ability which detects duplicate entities even though they have different Identifiers. Such capability is configurable in the PreciseGoldenCopy to insure no new entity is generated that has a duplicate.