We Address Today’s Data Management Challenge

·         Products, services, and processes require content from:

    • Multiple internal & external sources including data found in legacy offerings & archives.
    • Fixed & dynamic sources
    • Formats that are standard & non-standard

·         But management of this data to achieve demanding quality factors is hobbled because Meta-Data and Reference Data:

    • Are increasingly dynamic and fragmented
    • Are increasingly costly to control, to assemble, to maintain

·         Meta & Reference Data are fast becoming strategic assets – requiring the high level attention we provide.

Consulting Services
Coagmentum provides least cost development consulting services that offer solid experience in the analysis, design, development and deployment of Meta and Reference data applications. Coagmentum provides technical, Industry focused and Operations resources to help clients meet their resource needs.

Data Mapping and Golden Copy Services
Providing accurate and consistent data that originates from different data sources; external publishers, data vendors and internal data, organizations are faced with the issue of concordance of such feeds to their internal system identifiers that might be stored in multiple silos in the organization. Coagmentum provides mapping solutions that can handle diverse publishers’ data feeds as well as integrating such feeds with clients’ data and generating Entity Master Golden Copies. Configurable business rules are used to normalize data and create Global Entity Masters. 

Content Tagging For Precision Search

Having the ability to reuse content and access structured and non-structured data in a timely manner provides companies with savings and advantages in a competitive world. Coagmentum provides such companies with tools and services to load, tag and index data for precision searching.

For more information contact us at: consulting@coagmentum.com

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