Delivering Practical Solutions in Meta & Reference Data Management




Having a centralized Cross-Reference(X-Ref ) entity masters to insure consistent products through the enterprise is a must now a days. Growing through acquisition and having multiple content repositories spread through the enterprise is a fact of business. Leveraging all that content in accurate and consistent products to deal with the following domains can be made possible using low-cost solutions.

·         Issuer risk management (Basel II)

·         Regulatory reporting - know your customer (KYC), anti money laundering (AML), financial services act, patriot act

·         Transaction identification (orders, trade, settlements, payments)

·         Legal agreements (account setup, custodians, brokers/dealers, agents)

·         Corporate research (fundamental and historical)

·         Collateral management (multiple suppliers counterparty credit exposure)

·         Content management (capture, sourcing, precision searching and maintenance)

·         Research Reports supported by news, press releases and entity profiles

Coagmentum Corp. provides quality low-cost Cross-Reference(X-Ref), Ontology, Taxonomy, Thesauri, content and data management products, tools and operation to leverage enterprise data. From mapping of clients' proprietary data to data vendors' identifiers, rollups of entities to their legal entity parent, research, validation, cleanup to deployment of Golden Copy of Cross-Reference data.

Coagmentum Corp. has used its “Precise” products (PreciseRef, PreciseTag, and PreciseSearch ) and tools suite to provide integrated solutions to collect, manage and enable new clients products. For details see Coagmentum “Products” and "Services" sections.